Fraser Tubing Hill vs Colorado Adventure Park

We often get asked what is the difference between Fraser Tubing Hill and Colorado Adventure Park. They are located in close proximity to each other in the Winter Park, CO area. Both locations offer snow tubing which is a great family friendly winter activity. So why should you choose to visit Colorado Adventure Park over Fraser Tubing Hill?

Fraser Tubing Hill vs Colorado Adventure Park


1) Liquor License for the Adults

One reason why most adults prefer to visit Colorado Adventure Park over Fraser Tubing Hill is that we have a liquor license for adults. This means you can enjoy a good craft beer or a hot winter cocktail while you enjoy the beautiful setting of our facility.

2) Magic Carpet

Nobody likes walking up the hill every single time they want to tube down. We offer a magic carpet to make things easier on you and ensure that you get more rides during your time with us.

3) Better Lighting at Night

Safety is very important to us, which is why we provide the best lighting at night to make sure you and your family can tube safely even after the sun goes down.

Colorado Adventure Park Night Tubing

4) Fire Pit

There’s not much better than enjoying a warm fire during a cold day in the mountains. We have a cozy fire put that you and your family can warm up before or after your tubing sessions.

5) Online Booking

Our aim is to make your tubing experience as easy as possible. We are the only tubing hill in the area to offer Online Booking so you can easily plan your next visit with no hassle.

6) Parking

As true with any small mountain town, parking can sometimes be an issue. We’ve created a large parking area for our facility to make sure this is never a problem and anyone who’s visited both Fraser Tubing Hill and Colorado Adventure Park will tell you how much easier parking is to visit us.

Colorado Adventure Park Staff

7) Indoor Restrooms

We have a cozy warming hut that’s equipped with WIFI and large, clean handicap accessible bathrooms.

8) Hot Chocolate and Smores!

To keep warm we offer delicious Smores and Hot Chocolate that everyone in your family will enjoy!

9) Larger and More Options

Colorado Adventure Park is bigger and better than the other tubing hills in the area. We offer a better variety of terrain, with slower easy slopes for the younger kids and quicker, steeper areas for the older kids and adults. We have the most options in tubes (both singles and doubles) . Come check us out and see for yourself why people say were the best tubing hill in Winter Park, Colorado.

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