Family Activities in Winter Park

Winter Park is located in the southwest corner of Colorado. It’s home to both mountains and valleys. Flora and fauna are spectacular. Winter Park resort served by the Amtrak ski train has so many activities you and your family will return every year to try a new experience and revisit old ones.

No matter what time of year you visit, you are guaranteed excitement. Below we’re giving you a list of the best family activities in Winter Park Colorado.

family activities in winter park

Winter Family Activities in Winter Park

Go Winter Tubing

First, one of the best family activities in Winter Park: tubing. Colorado Adventure Park is the ideal spot for winter tubing. You can go single or double tubing. Winter Park’s winter tubing is so popular that families return year after year. All you need to do is grab a tube and get on the Magic Carpet Ride lift. No matter how old or young your family members are the park has terrain that is just right for you.

While kids must be at least six to ride the single tubes, the double tubes are popular if you have younger kids. It’s an ideal solution if you have children ages three to five. They can enjoy the same speed and excitement as the older kids but they do it accompanied by an adult

If you’d like to try a variation on winter tubing, why not try snow scooting?

Kids ages six and up delight in the speed and competition of Snow Scoots. The Snow Scoot Polaris 120 snowmobiles are perfect for kids under five feet tall and under ninety pounds. The groomed track winds around Colorado Adventure Park. It is open from ten in the morning until six at night in the winter months.

Give your kids the best of both worlds. You can book both winter tubing and Snow Scooting for your kids. Learn more about snow tubing at Colorado Adventure Park

snowshoeing in winter park colorado

Explore the Snow Trails

One of the favorite winter activities during the snowy weather is snowshoeing or cross-country skiing at Winter Park. Enjoy the fresh air, the exercise and the stunning beauty of snow-covered trees. Our winter trails offer easy inclines so they are comfortable for even the youngest family members.

If your family thrives on greater challenges we have trails ranging from easy skiing to challenging downhill skiing options.

Go Skiing at Winter Park Resort

Whether you are a beginning skier or an accomplished skier there are ski hills to accommodate every member of the family. Try Colorado’s longest Alpine slide.

Voted one of USA’s premier ski destinations, Winter Park has everything for the avid skier.

Winter Park isn’t a huge mountain town. However, it has gotten big attention from skiers. USA Today awarded it the Best Ski Resort in North America in a readers’ poll.

skiing in winter park

What does Winter Park offer?

First, there are over three thousand acres of skiing terrain. The vertical rise is three thousand feet. On the ski hills at Winter Park, you can experience glades, trees, steeps, and bumps to challenge every level of skiing expertise.

There are slopes designed for every skill. If you want a specific kind of trail you’ll find it. Board a ski gondola and glide over three hundred and fifteen inches of snow. You will soon discover why they call the area snow heaven.

Want some help? Hire a Winter Park Guide. He/she will take you to the best areas for your skills and wants.

Try Some Snow Rides

If you’re tired of skiing and want a break, Winter Park has some enticing rides. How about exploring those winter trails on ski bikes?

Imagine your whole family riding through the trees and over powdery slopes. You can rent state-of-the-art ski-bikes! By mid-December, you can even see the mountain at night. With your night rental, you will get a headlamp. This is a guided activity.

Only at Winter Park can you rent ski bikes. You can rent by the hour, the half-day or the entire day.

colorado adventure park

If you enjoy night-time activities on the mountain, you might also want to try the Snow Cat star gazing tour.

Whether it is winter or summer, Winter Park’s eighty Alaskan and Siberian huskies are eager to get out there and take your family on an adventure. In the winter, the dogs pull sleds. They will take you on an exciting trip through the trees.

In the summer, the dogs are hitched to carts. These wheeled vehicles are a wonderful way to experience Winter Park during sunrise and sunset. Be sure to bring your cameras and tablets.

No matter what the season, when these hard-working dogs aren’t at work, they love to visit! Plan a family outing to see them in their kennels. Capture selfies with these wonderful creatures.

In the forests and during the summer, the dogs pull wheeled carts at sunrise and sunset. The dogs also enjoy visits from guests taking kennel tours.

things to do in winter park colorado

Summer Family Activities in Winter Park

Take a Scenic Drive

Take a drive through the area. Point out trees and flowers that grow naturally in and around Winter Park. Create a family game out of finding items that start with each letter of the alphabet. This will keep the kids’ interest high.

Go for a Train Ride

Board the train that chugs its way around the park sights. Invite the family to sing train songs as they enjoy the scenic vistas around Winter Park. Make a game out of spotting Colorado wildlife.

Go for a  Bike Ride

Winter Park isn’t just about skiing. In the summer, you and your family can take bike rides. You will soon discover why Colorado is called the Mountain Bike Capital of America. Our bike paths range from leisurely riding to exhilarating mountain trails. Explore these adventurous bike trails.

See a Movie or a Live Show

One of the famous summer events at Winter Park is live music. You can also enjoy family-friendly movies and festivals. During the summer, you’ll find something exciting to do every week.

family friendly winter park activities

Go for a Horseback Ride

In Winter Park, you will find several horse-related activities that will delight the whole family. Check out opportunities to take a guided horseback ride or go on a hayride or board a wagon ride. Your kids will love to spend the day being cowboys and cowgirls.

Top off your day on the trail with a western-style dinner and campfire songs. This is a great way to explore the Rocky Mountain backcountry.

During the summer months, you can also find rodeo events to add to your cowboy activities.

Experience the YMCA of the Rockies

At Snow Mountain Ranch, near Winter Park, your family can get involved with many summer activities including summer tubing. Try zip-lining. The whole family can enjoy water activities like swimming, canoeing, kayaking, and paddle boating.

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